HUMNap project


major HUMNap objectives: 1) determine associations between the air pollutants and biomarkers of exposure, 2) knowledge transfer among partners


study locations: 1) under high traffic air pollution pressure, 2) under high industrial air pollution pressure, and 3) reference site


work packages: 1) project management, 2) air pollution monitoring, 3) human biomonitoring, 4) knowledge transfer, 5) dissemination

The outline of the HUMNap project

PhD Student Section

PhD programme

Enrolment in University of Zagreb, Faculty of science PhD programme in natural sciences - biology is planned for year 2021


A minimum of 3 international workshops and partner visits are planned for improvement of lab skills and knowledge transfer.


A minimum of 4 domestic and international conferences are planned for data dissemination and networking.

Genetic toxicology

Assessing biomarkers of early DNA damage in human blood and buccal epithelial cells from volunteers.

Mechanism of action

Determination of oxidative changes to macromolecules , as well as assessing changes in enzymatic and non-enzymatic oxidative stress defense.


Knowledge transfer on automated scoring processes for high-throughput slide analysis.